How to Use This Zine and How to Contribute

Once you log on, you are on to the IRP Site Map (Homepage). Here, you will find a series of topics related to the IRP. You can click on the dropdown menu across the top, or click on the sitemap itself to see more information on a particular subject.  

To return to the Homepage or Site Map from any page, click on the links on the menu. You can also use the BACK button on your browser (Firefox, MS Explorer, etc.) to return to the previous page(s) you were on.

All members are encouraged to contribute news and reviews (film, music, restaurants, etc.) to the Zine. Please email the Zine at with your submissions.

NOTE: Certain types of material will be specifically excluded, e.g., jokes, cute pictures, profanity, anything excessively personal, potentially offensive or actionable.  A small team of  Web Monitors will assure that member-submitted material is  appropriate, timely, and accurate.