Tell Us Your Idea

Click here to let the Curriculum Committee know of your interest in coordinating a study group.  The committee will assign one of its members to be your committee contact to help you develop your idea and submit a proposal.

We urge members who don’t have experience coordinating or who want help developing a study group idea or writing a proposal to look for the Curriculum Committee’s announcements in the  for its Let’s Get Started and Developing a Proposal workshops, which are announced during early in the semester.

The IRP is committed to creating and maintaining educational curricula that incorporate the values of a multicultural and diverse community and that reflect the pluralism of the United States and world society.   Study groups that focused specifically on subjects of diversity and inclusion have included The Warmth of Other Suns, James Baldwin, North American Indians, Hinduism, Japanese Literature, Latin American Literature, Latin American Film, and Films by African American Directors, and as well as study groups whose subject matter dealt with instances of discrimination, as the study groups on Caro’s Robert Moses and the Myth of the Frontier.  We would like to present more such study groups.  We encourage you to send us your ideas for future study groups on these subjects whether or not you would be interested in coordinating them.