Research Web Sites

This page contains some useful research websites.  If you wish to contribute to this page please contact Harold Berkowitz at

Arts and Letters Daily- essays from across the web and magazines on literature, culture, philosophy, art, music- not searchable

The Browser- Similar to above- not searchable and might be becoming for paid subscribers

Science Daily- Breaking science news. Searchable

Aeon magazine- online magazine of ideas and culture. Drop down menus

Britsh Psychological Society Digest- New research in psychology. Searchable Breaking research. Searchable. Have to sign up

Google alerts- monitors the web for whatever subject you chose

Massimo Pigluicci, Julia Galef- interviews scientists and philosophers. Archives

Krista Tippett,On Being – interviews poets, writers, philosophers, and scientists. Archives

has transcripts and links

Pew survey-searchable