Library Resources

We are working with GC Librarians to find solutions for the databases most often used by LP2 members. Librarian Mason Brown is our point person who can work with members to navigate Open Educational Resources/Open Access Materials. You can reach out to Mason at

– Please peruse The Graduate Center’s Open Access and Open Educational Resources Libguides:

– Open Access: 

– Open Educational Resources:

– This guide is specifically for the resources that are available from other library networks in New York, like the Public Library:

– NYPL has made several research databases available to cardholders during this lockdown period. If you are not currently a cardholder, you can apply for a digital card from home. Available databases include JStor, EBSCO, ThomsonGale (Gale), ProjectMUSE, ProQuest Research Library, and many others. See this page: to find the database you are looking for, click the one you want to access, and you will then be prompted to log in with your NYPL barcode and pin before being brought to the database.

– If you do not reside in New York City or state, check out what’s available in your area. NJ State Public Library Network also has a number of resources, for example:

– ProjectMUSE is offering free resources during COVID-19 through 80 participating publishers (at the discretion of the individual publishers), more details and the portal can be found here:

See this crowd-sourced document, of particular note is the tab named “Open Educational Resources” (at the bottom of your browser window):