History, In Their Own Words

The IRP, founded in 1962, has long been regarded as the premier peer learning organization in the country. This entity became defined and finely tuned with the arrival of Michael Markowitz as our director. It was Michael who created the rigorous program under which we function to this day. More than thirty new study groups per semester plus an active summer program have been the hallmark of our school.  Click here to read the full text.
     All IRP members are encouraged to coordinate courses. Many members choose subjects in which we have held varying degrees of expertise from prior careers. However, many more choose subjects in which they have long held interests. All members of a study group are active in class but it is the coordinators who captain this team effort.
     Study groups are the heart and soul of the IRP. What follows are the processes, thoughts and experiences of several members whose enormous efforts have made our success a reality. Preceding their words is an interview with retired member Judith Fried who coordinated forty-five study groups, served as Board President, was edi­tor of Voices and worked closely with Michael for over two decades.
     We dedicate this publication to Michael whose vision and direction we continue to hold and for which hundreds of us are grateful and enriched.