Our 16th Street Neighborhood

Greenmarket  Union Square 
Open on MondayWednesdayFriday, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

 Breads Bakery — W 16th St
Just a couple doors east of 16th St building

City Bakery — W 18th St between 5th and 6th Ave

Pret a Manger — E 17th St and Broadway

Republic — Union Square West at 16th St 

Blue Water Grill — Union Square West
Fine Dining

ABC Café — E 18th St between Broadway and S Park Ave
Eating and Browsing at ABC Carpets

Café Serai — W 17th St east of 7th Ave
At the Rubin Museum

Lobster and Burger — W 19th St between 5th and 6th Ave
$20 burger or lobster roll or 1 ½ lb crustacean

Café Prague — W 19th St between 5th and 6th St

Sala — W 19th St between 5th and 6th Ave
Tapas Bar

Zio — W 19th St between 5th and 6th Ave 
Italian  — $20 Lunch Deal

Bocca – 39 east 19th Street

Osteria del principe – 27 East 23rd Street