Advisory Board, Minutes, Portfolios, Committees, Volunteer Ops & SIGs

Below is a list of all LPCommittees, Volunteer Opportunities and Special Interest Groups.  To learn about the responsibilities and the process for joining these committees and other volunteer opportunities, click on the description.  Click here for the 2020 nomination form.


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I. LPADVISORY BOARD (click here for description)
rev 1/2021

MEMBERS, Three Year Terms  (2021- May 2024)
Chair: Barbara Marwell
Vice Chair: Bruce Smith
New Member Representative: Michael Kessler
Jan Adler

MEMBERS, Two Year Terms (2021-May 2023)
Secretary: Barry Bryer
Micky Josephs
Susan Rauch
Colette Siegel

MEMBERS, One Year Terms (2021-May 2022)
Chairperson Emeritus, Harold Berkowitz
Eileen Hanley
Lesley Herrmann
Richard Resnik
Randy Ross

Barry Cooper (Admissions and Membership)
Jonathan Gaines (Curriculum)
Doris Wallace (Diversity)

Barbara Marwell
Bruce Smith
Michael Kessler


ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE (click here for description)

Current Members from Chair 


Laini Gerald – Chair (through 2023)
Phyllis Holloway -Co-Chair (through 2023)
Kathy Dieter (term ends 2022
Mark Scher (term ends 2022)
Penny August (term ends 2022)
Jerry Vogel (term ends 2022)
Ken Witty (term ends 2022)
Alix Kane (term ends 2022
Dolores Walker (term ends 2023)
Micky Josephs (term ends 2023
Susan Smahl (term ends 2023)
James Gould (term ends 2024)
Bernie Belkin (term ends 2024)
Barbara Salant (term ends 2024)
Jenny Ross (term ends 2024)
Carolyn Preiss (term ends 2024)
Howie Menikoff (term ends 2024)
(rev. 5/24/2021)

CURRICULUM COMMITTEE click here for description
Ruth Mackaman, Co-Chair (Spring 2022)
Judy Goldman, Editor (Spring 2024)
Jan Adler (Fall 2021)
Linda Anstendig (Fall 2021)
Lenore Cooney (Fall 2021)
Mary Connelly (Spring 2022)
Ted Dreyfus (Spring 2022)
Judith Siegel (Fall 2022)
Susan Herman (Spring 2021)
Michael Kessler (Spring 2023)
Thomas Sear (Spring 2023)
Lynn Brenner (Fall 2023)
Meera Kumar (Spring 2024)
Mary Padilla (Spring 2024)
Aileen Gitelson (Spring 2025)
Randy Ross (Spring 2025)

DIVERSITY-OUTREACH COMMITTEE (click here for mission statement)

Susan Sabatino (Chair)
Marietta Myers (Co-Chair)
Carol Borelli
Doris Wallace
Florence Tager
Jack Zevin
Jonathan Miller
Joy Schulman
Lale Odekon
Lynne R Davidson
Mary Elwood
Mel Oppenheim
Myriam Bucatinsky
Phyllis Holloway
Renee Solomon
Shelly Peck
Susan Belkin
Susan Winston
Susan Goldman
(rev 5/24/2021)

FRIDAYS @ 3 (click here for description)

Lesley Herrmann co-chair (term ends spring 2024)
Ruth Mackaman,  co-chair term ends spring 2024)
Ken Witty  (term ends spring 2024)
Ruth Clapper (term ends spring 2024)
(Rev 5/24/2021)

MARKETING COMMITTEE (click here for description)

Tom Ashley, Chair
Lisa Cristal, Co-Chair
Bob Gerace
Carolyn Preiss
Marge Levin
Audrey Lipton
Pat Fortunato
Randy Ross
Eileen Hanley
Tom Hardy
Judy Monson
Lynn Davidson
Susan Winston
Ira Rubin
(rev 5/24/2021)

MENTORS (click here for description)
Susan Belkin – Chair
Sue Goldman


Susan Rauch, Editor
(rev 5/24/21)

ORIENTATION (click here for description)
Richard Resnik, Chair
Carol Borelli
David Grogan
Susan Rubens
Doris Wallace

OUR STAGE OF LIFE (Click here for description)
Aileen Gitelson, Chair
Judythe Alston
Susan Belkin
Myriam Bucatinsky
Carole Chamlin
Lynn Garon
Ruth Kavesh
Sondra Lewis
Gloria Levinsohn
Kay Oppenheimer
Susan Sabatino
Joy Schulman
Gus Seliger
Eileen Sullivan
(rev. 5/21)

TECHNOLOGY Committee (click here for description)

Denise Waxman, Chair
Ruth Mackaman, Curriculum Committee
David Lerner
Bernie Belkin
Jerry Vogel
Jerry Spivack
Harold Berkowitz
Bruce Smith, AB Liaison
(rev 5/24/2021)

TUESDAYS WITH FRIENDS  (click here for description)
Carolyn Preiss – chair
Ruth Clapper
Lesley Herrmann
Nancy Small
Eva Vogel
(rev. 5/24/2021)

VOICES (click here for description)
Charles Troob, Publisher
Tom Ashley, Associate Publisher
Lorne Taichman, Associate Publisher
Mary Houts, Prose Editor
Eric Roper, Prose Editor
Mark Fischweicher, Poetry Editor
Jerry Vogel, Photography Editor
(rev. 5/24/2021)


ZINE  (click here for description)
Harold Berkowitz – Manager
Gerry Vogel -Photography
(rev 5/2016)


ART (click here for description)
Dick Kossoff
Carol Millsom

Men’s Group
Jay Fleishman

MUSIC (click here for description)
Mark Dichter
Vince Fuccillo
Dick Kossoff
Joann Lassen
Sara Otey

Bruce Smith