Code of Conduct

The New School community is composed of many constituencies. For each, there are rights, privileges and responsibilities. The IRP, as one of the constituent parts of the New School is subject to the university code of conduct. This Code of Conduct is the official university document governing behavior at the university. At IRP, in order to facilitate successful peer learning, our community is expected to support an environment where sensitivity, tolerance and respect are sustained for all members.

Code of Conduct Defined

The university code refers to a “hostile environment” which occurs when “conduct either through its severity and/or its repetitive or consistent nature, creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or learning environment.”

Coordinators’ Responsibilities

Coordinators should be made aware of the university Code of Conduct and IRP procedures in adhering to that code both in written form and in discussion at their first training session. Coordinators need to be informed on how to proactively handle problems before a need arises for a formal process. Issues of civility need to be delineated at the first session of Study Groups. Class members, as well, should be proactive and not accept uncivil and demeaning behavior.
Procedures to Follow When Violations Occur
In compliance with New School policy, when violations of the Code of Conduct occur in an IRP study group the following steps are to be followed.
An immediate discussion of the situation with the IRP director, the coordinator and the complainant, with action to resolve the issue.
If not remedied by step 1. a written complaint accompanied by a separate statement from the Director of the IRP attesting to the fact that the procedures were followed will then be directed to a university official.