Tuesdays With Friends


The Tuesdays With Friends Committee has invited you to sign up for our fall program of small-group get-togethers featuring talks presented and hosted by IRP members. Take advantage of these special opportunities to spend time with your colleagues. Remember that you may only attend ONE out of three sessions, and that space limitations apply. If more than 15 people register for a session, a lottery is held.

PLEASE REGISTER BY TUESDAY OCTOBER 1st. We will notify all who have signed up as to whether you are confirmed to attend or if you have been placed on a wait list by OCTOBER 4th.

IRP Tuesdays With Friends Committee
Ruth Clapper, Lesley Herrmann, Carolyn Preiss, Nancy Small, Eva Vogel, Denise Waxman


HOLLYWOOD: BUSINESS, POLITICS, AND PRODUCTS Tuesday, October 15thPresented by Howard Menikoff

In the 1940?s the Hollywood film industry was at the peak of its power and creativity with each of the major studios in full control from production to distribution. After WWII the original model began to crumble. Film producers were hit with anti-trust procedures; the UnAmerican Activities Committee blacklisted writers and actors; and finally attendance crashed with the advent of TV. How did Hollywood survive? Howie will discuss the unique style of each of the studios and the films they produced. He has coordinated more than 30 IRP film courses. (He must have gotten infected when as a small child he was dragged by his mother to three double features a week.)

At the home of Ted Gannon?860 United Nations Plaza Apt 13G NY, NY 10017

EXILES IN PARADISE: SALKA VIERTEL?S SUNDAY SALONS Tuesday, November 5th – Presented by Judy Siegel

A remarkable cadre of creative talent seeking refuge from the growing tide of fascism in Europe, found themselves in Southern California in the 1930’s and 40?s. Billy Wilder, Thomas Mann and his brother Heinrich Mann, Greta Garbo, Arnold Schoenberg, Bertholt Brecht, Franz Werfel and Alma Mahler among others found comfort and a taste of Heimat every Sunday at the home of Salka Viertel, actress, writer, activist and extraordinary hostess. Judy, formerly program director at the Center for Jewish History, and director of education and public programs at The Jewish Museum, will introduce Salka and her salon, provide stories about some of her famous guests, and raise questions about the intersection of exile and creativity.

At the home of Mary-Joan Gerson 110 Riverside Drive Apt. 6F?NY, NY 10024

NIMBY… YIMBY: NOT IN MY BACKYARD…YES IN MY BACKYARD Tuesday, December 3rd  – Presented by Julian Wolpert

Urban neighborhoods compete to attract some kinds of facilities and to prevent the siting of other kinds of facilities. For example, our NYC mayor and his allies wish to replace the prison on Rikers Island with smaller jails in each of the City?s boroughs. They also wish to provide housing facilities for the homeless as well as affordable housing throughout many of the City?s neighborhoods. On the other hand, NYC neighborhoods compete for amenities such as library branches, neighborhood schools and parks. Julian?s talk will deal with the ways Urban Geographers and City Planners examine how the siting process can be carried out but also ways to deal with fairness issues. Julian has done extensive research on locational issues during his career as Chair of the Planning Program at Princeton University.

At the home of TBA