Zine Shuts Down June 6, 2022!

Zine Shuts Down June 6, 2022.

Login to lp2nyc.org NOW.

On Monday, June 6, the Zine automatically will redirect you to the new website at LP2NYC.org. 

We are delaying this change to make sure that all members have an opportunity to learn how to login to the new site, which is required for accessing the Member Directory and Faces. Setting your own unique personal password makes information on the site more secure and helps keep everyone’s personal information safe. 

We strongly urge all members to create their password and login to the new site before this transition.  

Go to lp2nyc.org and click on Log In in the upper left corner. Click on Forgot Password to set your password. There will be prompts that explain the next steps. You will enter your personal preferred email – this is your personal email that is on the Zine Directory. Then check your own email for a new link to reset your password. Take a minute now to check the Zine Directory and make sure you know what email address appears there. 

Need Help?

About LP2NYC.org:

  • Most pages are public so prospective members can find us.
  • The Member Directory, Faces and Members’ Profiles are not public.
  • Hover over the menu at the top of the new homepage to see all pages and click to view. (About, Community, etc.)
  • Bookmark https://www.lp2nyc.org in your browser to get to it again quickly and easily. 

New Features include:

About Member-Only Content:

The Member Directory, Faces and each Member’ Personal Profile (and a few other areas) are viewable only by Logged in members.
This will help keep everyone’s personal information safe.

When logged in you will be able to see:

  • The Directory as a list with emails, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Faces with links to the Directory and the full profile of all other members
  • Member Profiles for all members which include bio information for more than half of our members and space for additional phone numbers and emails, skills, interests, emergency contacts and more.

When logged in you will be able to update your own Profile and add a new photo of yourself to make yourself more findable to others.

The Member Directory and Faces is available only to logged in members and has many new features.


  • Visit the Tech Help page for more info about using the new site, logging in, and the new Member Directory.
  • Write to website@iernyc.org to get the step-by-step Password Reset instructions, or one-on-one help.

Protect ALL Members Privacy  –  DON’T:

  • Keep you email address secure by updating that password.
  • Share your login information with non-members.
  • Reproduce or share Member Directory information with non-members.

Founded in 1962 as the Institute for Retired Professionals at the New School the IRP was the first post-career peer learning community and it became a model for the Lifelong Learning Movement.  Now more than 500 campuses around the country host forms of the lifelong learning movement.  In the summer of 2020 the program moved to the Graduate Center at CUNY and was renamed the Lifelong Peer Learning Program (LP2).  Lifelong Peer Learning Program participants are both advisors and members.

As a non-credit offering for adult learners, this lifelong learning program is in the portfolio of the Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation at The Graduate Center, led by a Director and Dean as well as an Advisory Board that shapes the program’s overall vision, mission, and values. Committee chairs guide admissions, curriculum, diversity, finance, marketing, and other important areas.