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The Lifelong Peer Program (LP²) supports the protesters who have responded with passionate grief and anger to the police killing of George Floyd. We join them in demanding an end to the systemic racism that tolerates such crimes against all people of color, and turns a blind eye to our country’s persistent racial disparities in health care, housing, education and employment.

As protest veterans, we’re painfully aware that the struggle between American values and American racism is very old, and progress terribly slow. But even at this bleak time, we see at least two reasons for optimism: Today’s protests are taking place in hundreds of cities and towns, large and small, in all 50 states. And they are led by young men and women of every racial and ethnic group, who are facing police batons, rubber bullets and tear gas to demand equal justice under the law for all of us.

We’re proud of our grandchildren’s generation. They give us hope for our country’s future.